Getting Started with the NodeNs ZERO

In the box

The following items will be in your NodeNs ZERO box:

  • A NodeNs ZERO sensor.
  • A power supply unit (PSU) connected to the sensor. Note: the PSU can be detached by first removing the smaller enclosure lid, and then unplugging the connector. A replacement PSU must operate at 5V, ≥3A and have a centre-positive 2.1 mm barrel-jack connector.
  • RaspberryPi ZeroW (optional) A Raspberry-pi may be included in one of the NodeNs ZERO boxes. This can be powered by a micro-USB cable. The power supply (not included) should operate at 5V ≥2A
  • 3M wall stickers
  • Sensor version and sensor mac address sticker.

Software requirements

The NodeNs sensors use Wi-Fi to transmit data to a sensing platform, or to the Cloud. The most efficient way of doing this is through a GATEWAY device, which will serve as an interface between the sensors and the external ports.

If you are using a NodeNs-provided (Raspberry Pi) gateway device, it will come installed with the software requirements necessary to connect to external platforms such as MindSphere or IoT Core.

In order to access the sensor data from a local PC, it is recommended that you pre-install the following software packages: