Getting Started with the NodeNs ZERO

TIPS: Sensor placement

For best accuracy, the NodeNs ZERO sensor should be placed with some consideration of activity in the room. Better tracking accuracy will be observed if the following four tips are taken into consideration:

  • The sensor MUST be placed so that the NodeNs logo is upright.
  • Try to place the sensor opposite doorways.
  • The sensor is ideally mounted at around head-height, for the best view of a room. It can be wall-mounted using the included wall stickers, or can be placed on a desk or table.
  • For best field-of-view, the sensor may be placed near the centre (horizontally) of a wall (but will still operate if placed in a corner).
  • Placement behind large metal or solid objects may impair the sensor’s view.

Examples of good and poor placement are shown in the diagrams below:

Sensor placement diagram

Room measurement

The room dimensions should be taken from the perspective of the sensor, as shown in the diagram below. These dimensions can be entered into the dashboard.

Room size definitions