Getting Started with the NodeNs ZERO

2D setup guide: Dashboard

The dashboard provides a convenient means of configuring the NodeNs sensors and receiving the telemetry data.

Sensor configuration

First configure the sensor. Please refer to the Sensor Placement and Room measurement sections for tips on best placement of the sensor.

  1. Ensure that you are on the “Configuration” tab of the dashboard.
  1. Enter the sensor MAC address in the box and click “OK”. Note: the MAC address can be found on the sensor itself or in the box.
  1. Enter the room size in metres in each box, and then click “Set room size”. IMPORTANT: Ensure that the “-x” and “-y” dimensions include the “-“ sign.

Optional: Adjusting sensor publish rates and diagnostics

You may also adjust the frequency of sensor telemetry publishing, as well as control the diagnostics messages.

  1. Under the “Sensor Control” tab, use the “Publish Rate” slider to control how often a sensor telemetry event is published.
  1. You may also switch on, and control the rate of, Diagnostics publishing. Diagnostics messages can be saved and sent to NodeNs if sensor performance requires further tuning, e.g. for unusual room geometries or if occupancy measurements are inaccurate.
  1. Although not necessary, the sensor may be reset, in which case it will revert to its last known configuration (or the default configuration if one had not previously been sent).

Starting the sensor

4. Plug in the sensor and wait for the LEDs to turn red and the countdown begins. Once this happens click “Send Configuration“.

5. As the sensor processes the configuration, the lights will illuminate in amber and finally green.

Note: very rarely, the sensor will not start despite receiving a correct configuration. In this case, the “sensor started” dashboard LED will remain red. If this occurs, please wait, as the sensor will automatically attempt to restart using the provided configuration. This should not take longer than 2 minutes.

LED status before and after configuration (slide to view)

Adjusting the sensor configuration

If you wish to change the room size once the sensor is already running:

  1. Enter the new room dimensions and click on “Set room size”
  2. Click on “send configuration”.
  3. Click on “Update sensor” – this will restart the sensor using the new configuration. During this process, expect the indicator LEDs to cycle through the colours.

Viewing the occupancy data

The dashboard also provides a basic data visulation, which can be found on the “data” tab.