Use Cases

Home monitoring

What we do:

• Monitor people going about daily activity unintrusively and confirm they are safe and well.

• AI identifies changes in their activity which may indicate they need support (e.g. lower activity, altered breathing rate, not visiting toilet/kitchen, seizures/falls)

Sensor location:

• 1 sensor per room of residential home 1-2 sensor per floor of typical private home

Hospital efficiency

What we do:

• Monitor use of expensive hospital resources (e.g. day surgery units) to provide operational data

• Monitor patients in single occupancy rooms (nursing ratios typically 1:4) and provide real time alerts

• Trigger activities based on location (e.g. ward discharge, link to cleaning)

• Document interactions (e.g. ward rounds, physiotherapy minutes)

Sensor location:

• 1 sensor per room / side room

• 1-3 sensors in large areas (e.g. waiting rooms)

Building management

What we do:

• Monitor use of building space (e.g. desk use, meeting room use)

• Provide platform to link other IoT devices

Sensor location:

• 1 sensor per meeting room

• 1-3 sensors covering open plan areas